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Equality between men and women


Discrimination on grounds of gender is prohibited under the Employment Equality Acts 1998 - 2015. The law provides special provision for certain aspects of gender. 

Key points 

  • Individuals of one sex are entitled to the same remuneration for like work as a person of the other sex employed by the same or an associated employer. 
  • All employment contracts are taken to incorporate an equality clause relating to terms of employment other than remuneration and pension rights. 
  • Direct and indirect discrimination are both prohibited on grounds of gender. 
  • Positive action is not prohibited where it is with a view to ensuring full equality between men and women in the organisation. 
  • Selecting an individual for a role based on a characteristic related to gender is not prohibited where by reason of the requirements of the role, gender is a legitimate and proportionate requirement. 

This section looks further into each aspect above.