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Recruitment advertising


The recruitment and selection process begins with an assessment of the job, "what do I need the new starter to do?" (the job description).  This leads to "what knowledge/skills are required to do this?" (the personnel specification). The recruiter then has a good idea of the person sought and can plan the search for the ideal applicant.


  • There are a host of methods of attracting applicants, including advertising and the use of recruitment agencies. 
  • Common methods include newspaper advertisements aimed at a 'target group' of potential employees living in the relevant area.
  • Word of mouth is a method which can lead to allegations of discrimination, but whatever method of advertising is decided upon, all applicants should be channelled through the chosen procedure.
  • Equality legislation governs job advertising and as such requires that advertisements do not demonstrate an intention to discriminate, or be capable of being reasonably understood as indicating such an intention. Any job advertising should be non-discriminatory and there should be open access and impartiality in where advertisements are placed.
  • Job advertisements should not infer an intention to discriminate.