The CIPD website ( provides general information for visitors and a wide range of resources for CIPD members. These include employment news, updates, summary case law and fact sheets.

HR-inform is an additional subscription service which provides employment law information and practical tools such as policies and procedures, that will help you with every aspect of your HR role, saving you and your organisation time and money.

It covers a wide range of employment law topic areas that follow the employment life cycle from recruitment through to retirement.

HR-inform Ireland covers employment legislation for Ireland

The practical implications of most employment law in Ireland.

Northern Ireland has a different legislative structure so has its own set of legal references for bringing requirements into force. New legislation may also be implemented on a different date to that in England and Wales. HR-inform Ireland only includes details on European legislation that affects Ireland.

For in-depth information about employment law in England, Wales & Northern Ireland, please visit

We have a team of consultants, practitioners and lawyers and organisations and law firms who write for HR-inform.

You cannot network with other HR professionals directly through HR-inform, but you can join in the conversation on LinkedIn group and Twitter by following @HRinform_ROI or if you are a CIPD member please take part in our online community.

No, non members can also buy a subscription to HR-inform, although members are offered a preferential rate. See our pricing page for more details.

HR-inform is a practical, easy to use online HR and employment law resource that is designed to make your life easy. It will show you how to apply current legislation best practice

What you get from CIPD HR-inform

The latest legal advice
Jargon-free info and interpretation to stay up to date and react quickly to changes.

The CIPD stamp of approval
Knowledge and resources from the most trusted name in the world of work.

Up to date Employment Law and related Case Law

Advice when you need it


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