30 November 2021

Managing Winter in the workplace

With another winter season fast approaching, it is time for many businesses to prepare for the impact this season can bring. From (probably online!) Christmas parties to annual leave issues, and some adverse weather headaches too, this can be a season for a number of HR (and perhaps party related too) headaches. 

We have pulled together our most relevant content to help you navigate this time and avoid the winter blues, helping you to get ahead of problems before they arise. 


Here you will find policies dealing with Christmas related issues, such as managing behaviour, especially part related and when alcohol is involved. 


Employment law resources

Policy design tips 

If you don't already have a relevant policy, see our policy design tips for ways to develop your own. 


Workplace scenarios

Here you will find some example workplace scenarios on how to deal with various situations

Annual leave 

Many employers have a January - December annual leave year. Now may be the time employees are realising how much holiday they have and are starting to ask about carry-over or last minute holidays. Our resources below will help you to manage this in a way that best suits your business. 

Adverse Weather 


Templates and tools